herpalvins said: he wants to bc he likes us thick girls

Obviously, he knows what’s good.

herpalvins said: our threesome that turns out to be me and you doing it and your boyfriend watching us

He wouldn’t mind tbh.

herpalvins said: FUCK ME. HARD. IM YOUR BITCH. btw it's Gabriella.

Gabriella, we’ve planned our threesome and it’s happening soon, please calm down, my love.

post-ghost said: Omg


"Just because we don’t talk anymore, doesn’t mean that I’ve forgotten about you. It doesn’t mean that I no longer care. Truth is, I still do. I do my best to check up on you, to see how you’re doing. To see if you’re okay, but every time I get the urge to talk to you, it suddenly hits me that, we’re strangers, you don’t want me in your life, hence the reason why I’m no longer a part of you. But, even though everything’s changed; I just want you to know that, I’m still here. I’ll still be here for you, I’ll still lend you my shoulders and ears. I don’t care what time it is, what I’m doing. Don’t hesitate to talk to me, because half the time, I wish that you were talking to me. I just really miss your presence, I miss you being my best friend, I just miss you in general…"